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IN-HOUSE last day for Equipment Return is Tuesday Oct. 28th.  If the equipment is not returned on the 28th.  We will begin to deposit checks on the 29th.  We will be there from 6-7PM.

Just a reminder practices will be held at Easter Regional Park starting Oct. 23rd – 30th.

Eastern Regional Park


Woodholme Elementary 12:00 PM 6-8 F Red Overlea Orange Pikesville
Rockburn Park #6 12:30 PM 9-11 F Gold Overlea Elkridge
Blandair Regional Park #3 1:30 PM 11-13 F Overlea Sandy Spring
Alta Vista Park 3:30 PM 8-10 N Overlea Maplewood
Woodholme Elementary 1:30 PM 10-12 N Overlea Pikesville
Northwest Regional Park #1 1:30 PM 7-9 F Overlea Randallstown
St. Bernadettes 7:30 PM 8-10 F Overlea Silver Spring
Honeygo Park 10:00 AM 6-8 N Middle River Overlea
Honeygo Park 2:30 PM 9-11 N Pikesville Overlea
Honeygo Park 11:30 AM 7-9 N West Howard Overlea
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